Adaptive Track & Field USA

Setting the standards and records
for adaptive athletes in the USA


The program:

ADAPTIVE SPORTS USA, in cooperation with the Neilsen Foundation and the 2017 ADAPTIVE SPORTS USA JUNIOR NATIONALS Local Organizing Committee has arranged to offer:

24 returning and 10 new
ADAPTIVE SPORTS USA JUNIOR NATIONALS SCI athletes free registration and some other funding to this year’s JUNIOR NATIONALS.  This is over a $175.00 Value. 

The Program is meant to promote and to increase participation by SCI Athletes at the 2017 ADAPTIVE SPORTS USA JUNIOR NATIONALS.

 Who is included in the SCI classification for the purpose of this program?

Traumatic or chronic SCI – SCI typically as a result of a traumatic event
(ie: accident, fall, etc.) or SCI chronic/individuals that had surgical intervention that resulted in spinal injury (ie: cancer, spina bifida). 

SCI does NOT include spinal stenosis, MS, ALS, Parkinsons, or MD.  


How do you earn one of the 34 Scholarships?

Adaptive Sports USA will track the results from all regional competitions in the sports of Track, Field, Swimming, Archery and Power Lifting.

Points will be awarded for each performance as follows;
((result in age group/class) / (National Record -in age group/Class)) * 1000 = 0 to 1000 Points

The Athlete must be a Full ADAPTIVE SPORTS USA Member.

Athletes’ with an SCI * diagnosis will be ranked in comparison to 2017 ADAPTIVE SPORTS USA JUNIOR NATIONALS National Records by class and age group and the top 24 returning SCI athletes as well as top 10 new to ADAPTIVE SPORTS USA JUNIOR NATIONALS SCI athletes will be awarded scholarships.

The 24 Scholarships for returning Athletes will be given as follows
Sport                      Return Male        Return Female

SWIM 2 2
Archery 2 2
Powerlift 2 2
Track 3 3
Field 3 3
First 10

 Note: The selection committee may change the numbers in each category
           depending on the number of athletes applying.  An athlete must have a
           minimum earned score of 500 points to be selected.

The 10 Scholarships for New athletes will go to the top 10 performances
          across all sports regardless of sex.

How do you enter?

    Athletes who would like to be considered for the program should register by
    CLICKING HERE.  Fill in the on-line form and hit submit.

To register the athlete must fill in your Name, ADAPTIVE SPORTS USA Member Number, SCI Diagnosis, Date of Birth, Age Group, E-mail, Telephone Number, Sport or Sports to be considered, Classification by Sport, and enter the events by sport they would like to be considered in.  

When will you know if you were chosen?

         If you have any questions e-mail Phil Galli: