Adaptive Track & Field USA

Setting the standards and records
for adaptive athletes in the USA

Calendar of Events - 2024

There are 3 competitive levels of Para T&F meets, L1, L2, L3:
L1 : L1 is a fun meet where results are not sent on for qualification or
       records.  This level meet is meant as a intro to the sport where
       coaching can be done and athletes may not be  disqualified but
       told what they did incorrectly so they can perform at the higher
       level meets.
L2 : L2 meet is sanctioned by ATFUSA, held on a legal 400M track,
       have approved certified officials and field implements.  Results may
       be used to qualification for the Hartford Move United Nationals.
       WPA licenced athletes may report results to WPA. 
       No national or international Records  can be achieved.
L3 : Level 3 meets are sanctioned by ATFUSA, held on a
       surveyed 400M track. The meet will have Electronic Timing,
       approved certified Para Certified head officials and the implements
       used are weighed and measured. 
       Records may be set for  Junior's, Open, and Masters.
       WPA World and Regional records may be set if in
       competition Dope testing is available.

If you wish to Compete, Officiate or Volunteer at one or more of these meets contact the Meet Contact in the Move United Calendar.  or in this CAL_PDF.

 6/29 - 30 Angel City Games L2
Date Meet Level
 3/16-18 US Para Track & Field  Championships L3
8-Apr Gumbo North L3
13-Apr Lone Star Para Invitational L2
 4/25 -28 Texas Regional Games L3
 4/26 - 27 Palmetto Games L2
4-May Children's Specialized Hospital Invit/ L2
 5/10 -12 Dairyland Games L3
 5/18 - 19 Gateway Games L3
18-May Beehive Games L2
 5/24 - 26 Tri-State Regional Games L3
25-May Gumbo Delta L2
5/29 - 6/2 Desert Challenge L3
 5/31 - 6/2 Thunder in the Valley L2
1-Jun Challenge Games L2
1-Jun Meet in the Middle L3
1-Jun Bennett Blazers Invitational L2
 6/6 - 9 UCO Endeaver Games L3
8-Jun Pine Cone Classic L2
 6/13 - 16 GLASA Great Lakes Games L3
  6/14 - 15 Peachtree Paragames L3
 6/14 - 15 Goher State Games L2
 6/21 -23 Turnstone Endeavor Games L3
22-Jun Adaptive Sports New England L2
 6/28 -30 U of Michigan Adaptive Track & Field  L3
6/29-30 Angel City L2
 7/12 -18 Move United  Nationals L3
 7/18 -21 US Para Track & Field  Trials L3
5-Oct Gumbo State Governors Games L2