Adaptive Track & Field USA

Setting the standards and records
for adaptive athletes in the USA

Calendar of Events - 2018

There are 3 Levels of T&F meets:
L1 : L1 is a fun meet where results are not sent on for qualification or
       records.  This level meet is meant as a intro to the sport where
       coaching can be done and athletes are not disqualified but told
       what they did incorrectly so they can perform at the higher
       level meets.
L2 : L2 meet is sanctioned by ATFUSA/another entity, held on a legal
       400M track, has proper officials and the implements used are
       appropriate for qualification to Junior Nationals.  Records
       for Masters can be achieved but not for Juniors.
L3 : Level 3 meets are sanctioned by ASUSA/another entity, held on a
       surveyed 400M track, has approved certified head officials and the
       implements used are weighed and measured to assure they are
       appropriate for class/age group/gender of the event. 
       Records may be set for all groups; junior's, open, and masters.